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Free Webinar: «Walk through of Moz?»

SPEAKER: Tori Cushing, Customer Success Engineer at MOZ

DATE: 23 of June, 12:30 in Washington, 19:30 in Kiev

Free Webinar: «Walk through of Moz?»


In this quick webinar, Tori will walk through what makes Moz tools chrome and shiny! She will show how to use the tool set to track and pull data that is necessary for any SEO site audit or marketing performance analysis. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the learnage.

Speaker of Free Webinar

Tori Cushing

Tori has been in Inbound Marketing for five years. She has worked for agencies, in house and now for Moz.

Tori studied Digital Media: Web Design at The University of Central Florida. After finding Lindy Hop, she decided to move to Seattle where she can dance to live music any night she wants.

Tori has been spreading data tips, training and tuTORIals, in the industry for five years now. Her passion is taking unusable or ugly data and turning it into something beautiful and actionable. Tori has worked as an SEO for small consulting company, an agency, and in-house. Now she spreads some SEO training to Moz customers everywhere.

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