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Free Webinar: «How do they make their $$… affiliate marketing?»


DATE: 15 of June

Free Webinar: «How do they make their $$... affiliate marketing?»

The Main Topics of the Free Webinar?

Hows this «If content is king, then visuals are queen».
Online visual marketing has exploded in 2015.
Video marketing has become the lead gen tool of choice for many successful online campaigns.
There are a number of free tools, but which ones are the best?
This webinar will focus on how to leverage video to increase web traffic, build email lists and increase conversions.

Speaker of Free Webinar

Melissa Ward

Melissa Ward has been working online since 1999. As the Managing Partner of NewWard Development, LLC, Melissa manages the internet presence of her clients. From web site design to inbound marketing techniques, Melissa’s job is to make sure her clients get found and convert visitors into customers.
When it comes to digital marketing, there is no one size fits all solution. Your customer may not be in every space, but the internet gives us options on how to best get in front of the people who will listen and embrace your message. Good marketing puts your business out there. Great marketing puts your business in front of the people who matter, the ones that want to hear you.
As a trainer, Melissa takes the time to understand the nuances of each industry and creates actionable plans to help business get the most out their investment online. As a speaker, Melissa is enthusiastic, dynamic and offers solutions in non-tech language. Audiences walk away motivated and with knowledge to take action. As a consultant, Melissa works one on one with business owners and companies to help them find the best and the shortest path to online success.
When she isn’t working, Melissa spends time giving back to the community through her Rotary Club, traveling, and enjoying life in upstate New York with her family and a crazy dog named Charlie.

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