Joint webinar with SEMrush Together with SEMrush we held a webinar on which Larry Kim performed. Larry is a well-known pps-specialist, but he also deals with chat bots. In this webinar, Larry told how to create your chatbot.

Speaker: Larry Kim, CEO of MobileMonkey

Host: David Bain, Head of Digital Marketing Courses at AVADO.


  • Messaging Apps have Surpassed Social Networks Big 4;
  • Email Marketing 5-10% Open Rates, FB Messenger Marketing 10-80x;
  • “Live Chats” are Slow and Need to Be Staffed 24/7;
  • Facebook Messenger Chatbot Marketing! +75% Open Rates;
  • Top Chatbot Marketing Hacks;
  • Q&A Automatically Answering Common Business Questions.

Announcements of future webinars

Webinar recording:



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