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Free Webinar: «“A Happy Marriage” Between Sales, Marketing and HR in IT Companies»

SPEAKER: Kate Goldberg, COO and Director of Strategy Consulting at Intersog

DATE: 30 of June

Free Webinar: «


In any business environment, relationships between sales, marketing and HR are usually pretty tough because although these three teams work on implementation of organization’s strategic plans, they have different goals and objectives. This difference oftentimes prevents a successful synergy between these departments. During the webinar, Kate will provide real and ideal case scenarios of cooperation between HR, sales and marketing in an IT company, will address the most common problem areas and solutions, how to avoid blame shifting and facilitate communication across departments with use of various tools and approaches, both traditional and innovative.

Speaker of Free Webinar

Kate Goldberg

Kate Goldberg joined Intersog in 2012 as Business Development Director and since then has successfully grown into Director of Strategy Consulting and Chief Operating Officer. Kate is responsible for leading Intersog’s strategic operations to ensure continuous growth, sustainability, ROI and effective collaboration among different departments. Kate is a frequent speaker at Ukrainian and international conferences and a famous business strategy coach in Odessa, Ukraine, and Tel Aviv, Israel. She’s also an active participant of Women in Tech movement.

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